Assorted Tracks

Sometimes web playback doesn't work in apps so I don't really have a good place to show my music to people… so this is it!

These are all just scratch recordings I made for myself. Some tracks are accompanied with text. Others are not. They're all instrumental and most are also mostly improvised.

Untiled No°2

Track Details

So I didn't actually have a plan going in here. I was listening to a lot of UV-TV (bandcamp) and thinking about early new wave/post-punk stuff and thought “I should play my bass?” and this is what came out.

The bass track is the first pass once I nailed down the general riff, intended just to be shared with some friends but I figured I could try to get some guitar over it and this is what emerged. A high-energy noise machine. Anyway…

Untitled No°1

Poem (CW: suicide)
I step into the ocean.
An unending blue, a scene serene.
I hear nothing but the waves.

I walk in deeper.
The cold water tickles my chest.
I put my head beneath the water.
I scream.

I stand back up.
Water runs down my face.
I can't tell which are tears.

The world looks the same outside.
Everyone standing, playing, happy.
The pain is still here.
And I struggle what to do.


My fingers say what words cannot
Chords I play when I'm distraught
A heart that aches
A hearts that's broken
Say the words that are unspoken

Terraforming Spring

Track Details

This track was a lot of fun. I was still early days at the drum machine so its got very little variation in velocity and stock samples… but I think it adds enough color to the track. The panning tremolo effect was added in the DAW but the rest is all recorded from my DigiTakt (drums), Alesis Micron (pads), Behringer Model D (bassline), and my Fender Stratocaster (guitar). When recording the guitar I put my vocal microphone up to the strings to capture the raw sound as well which I mixed in along side the clean guitar. It gave it this twang that it was missing. I also used some EQs all around in my DAW to help things sit better.

Collab Tracks

I participate in a Discord group from Jay Hosking's Patreon. His YouTube channel is great and he makes a lot of hardware and some in the box synth music! Please check it out! About twice a year or so he runs a collaboration community event and we all make tracks and then he streams them and collects them into a Bandcamp release. Each of the tracks in this section will defer their copyright to whatever is stated on bandcamp. Every release was for charity.

I seriously recommend listening to the rest of the tracks on the album! They're always so fun! So many talented musicians contribute and collaborate!

As tears snuff the embers, I scream

Track details
track name: as tears snuff the embers, I scream
artist: senders
featuring: Jay Hosking

instruments: baritone guitar, model d
provided samples: Ambient wash 1, Ambient wash 2

this year has been the hardest year of my entire life.
this song is all of my pain, regret, and sadness.

thank you all for listening.

i kick the gain on after a quiet part around 3:07.
the volume is normalized, but it can be surprising.
Bandcamp - Song Link and Bandcamp - Album Link

In Session

Track details

This was a really fun one. I stumbled into this idea. Basically a Maggot Brain style fuzz guitar solo with the samples providing basically the backing track. It was a lot of fun. Fully improvised.

Bandcamp - Song Link and Bandcamp - Album Link

Ancient Signals (Intermission)

Track details

There isn't much to add with this one. I recorded the pads using the Conductive Labs NDLR. Which formed some just amazing chords. I used some samples from my collab partner in the opening and end and as a base for the entire track ­ it's mostly just like noise and things like that. It's subtle in the final mix.

Bandcamp - Song Link and Bandcamp - Album Link