Music Blog?!

I wanted to make a little blog section to just talk about my music making. Mainly, to save my friends from enduring my thinking out loud.

Reworking my THR100HD

I have a Yamaha THR100H Dual which is a nice modeling amp with two "amps". Typically, I run these in parallel so I am running through BOTH at the same time. As of late I am actually considering moving to dialing in separate tones, and using my Joyo PXL-Live to act as a "channel" switcher.

Dual Amping

Honestly, dual amping is my favorite thing. And I would hate to give it up, as it gives my tones SO much depth. But I find when I try to mix my guitars that extra depth just makes mixing a bit more of a hassle than need be. But Mick of "That Pedal Show" on YouTube I feel feels similarly, considering in one of their "use less" challenge videos he used two amps for maximum tone shaping - which I feel adds some justification to my efforts!

Results after one night

I spent an hour or so tonight messing around with my setup and came out with the following high gain tone:

"Rezzed" - Hi-gain dual amped Baritone guitar
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I feel its a bit... boomy still. There is some extra weight coming from the "clean" channel that I think is causing this to lose some clarity. I don't think if I wanted to add a mix around this I'd even end up keeping it. Or I would do some heavy EQing to that channel. Here is what I have dialed in so far:

A photo of the front face knobs of my Yamaha THR100HD. The top amp is set to the clean setting, the booster is turned off. The gain is roughly at 3 O'Clock, Master at 9 O'Clock, Bass at 10 O'Clock, Middle at 2 O'Clock, Presense off, Rever off, and Volume at 11 O'Clock. The bottom amp is set to Modern, with the booster turned off. The gain is set to around 2:30, Master at 10 O'Clock, Bass at a bit below 9 O'Clock, Middle at 2 O'Clock, Treble at 1 O'Clock, Presents at 1:30, Rever off, and Volume a little above 9 O'Clock
Current dual amp settings


In the future I plan to setup different profiles between each the 5 channels per amp - so they're all useable and I can just do single amping - as that provides me the FX loop until I setup a proper stereo board. But until then - this is the setup I've been using and I rarely touch the back!