First! A New Years Resolution

I like to write small hacky things from time to time when I have a weekend to myself, or a day, or an hour... But I never had a place to put them or the push to complete them beyond their initial hack. So I decided I should write a blog about it.

Also for work I had to write some prose about myself, something beyond a technical document or RFC and I realized I am shit at writing my thoughts outside of a very direct specific technical way.

I am not sure if it is the age of the internet I grew up in where most of my written communication was informal or for school. But my personal writing skills are trash and this is my attempt to kill all the birds with one stone

What can be expected here

My intentions for this site beyond just a landing page with my resume, I hope to upload some code-snippets from things I found interesting, ideally some recordings, drawings, and model-painting.

How often do I intend to update this blog

Ideally, whenever I have something that I feel is worth sharing. But for the sake of my resolution I want to do at least one post a month, and if I am keeping my other resolutions I should have content to put here

Designing my site

Designing this blog actually took way more time than it should have. It began when I wanted to tackle a javascriptless website. And I found that a bit difficult if I wanted to have code with syntax highlighting. So I wrote a python script to generate <pre> tag wrapping Java code with partial syntax highlighting.Possibly mistaking highlight.js usage documentation. But I would like to prevent having javascript on my main website keeping it as simplistic as possible.

I test the site using both tidy and nginx via docker. Using tidy I can validate the html (making sure I didn't miss any tags etc) and tidy up any odd spacing. And then visually test it running nginx. Having it served up similarly to s3 all the paths will work, and is insanely easy to setup! If you're reading this and have anything beyond a simple html file I recommend running docker + nginx over any javascript server.

Then I deploy the site through s3-cli Which is simple and to the point.

In Closing

I wanted to include more but I ran out of time today to write more, I will probably update this article with more information (and an updated timestamp). Or just make another post of my code highlighting task.